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FAQ for AltME Problems and Solutions


1. What is this FAQ?
2. Multiple Users Sharing the Same Computer
3. AltME 1.2 update fails
4. Error starting module: a00 (25-Aug-2006)
5. Email Invitations not Sent (25-Aug-2006)

1. What is this FAQ?

This FAQ is intended to help you with current problems you may have with AltME. We believe that if you are seeing a specific problem, other users may see it too!

If you do not see your problem listed here, then contact us.

2. Multiple Users Sharing the Same Computer

Note: Be aware that if you use the same computer for multiple AltME users, their private files will accessible on that computer system.

For example: if Betty and Bob use AltME on the same computer, both their private files will be stored on that same computer. Although Betty and Bob do not see each other's private files from within AltME, those files are still present on that computer. In fact, any user of that computer can browse and access those files. That includes calendar and chat records.

Note that this issue applies to Microsoft Windows systems. Professional systems such as Mac OS X, Linux, and BSD provide true file security, and this should not be a problem (depending on your file permission settings).

3. AltME 1.2 update fails

Problem: AltME 1.2 (beta versions) fail to download newer release.

Solution: Download AltME directly from our website.

Be sure that AltME is not running when you update, or the new version will not install.

4. Error starting module: a00 (25-Aug-2006)

Problem: When starting AltME, this error pops up:

Error starting module: a00

code: 303
type: 'script
id: 'expect-arg
arg1: 'bind
arg2: 'known-word
arg3: [word!]
near: [ctx-text: context bind ctx-text system/view]
where: 'do-module

Solution: Delete the "mods" directory. Here's how:

  1. Go to the installation directory for AltME. You can find it easily by right clicking the AltME icon, select "properties", then click the "Find Target" button.

  2. Delete the "mods" directory.

  3. Restart AltME -- it will create a new mods directory that should fix the problem.

If that does not fix the above problem, please contact us.

5. Email Invitations not Sent (25-Aug-2006)

Problem: Users don't always get the invitation email.

You invite a new user to your world, and send the invite via our server, but the user never gets the message.

Solution: Mail server problem - We are working on it.

Sending email on the Internet is getting more difficult because junk mail filters (spam filters) are removing valid messages.

Recently, we found a problem on our email server that might cause AltME invitations to be considered junk email in some cases.

We are investigating the problem, and hope to have it fixed soon.

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