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FireWalls and AltME Worlds

AltME works well with firewalls if your firewall software is properly configured.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall provides a barrier to Internet access. They are normally used to block incoming Internet traffic from accessing your local machine or local area network (if you have one). Firewalls are often run on either your local machine, on your router, modem, or gateway, and even at your Internet service provider.

When Accessing a World...

If you only want to use AltME to connect to someone else's world, it should work without changes to your firewall. However, if it doesn't work, then you (or perhaps your Internet service provider) have blocked certain outgoing Internet ports.

If you use personal firewall software like the one built into XP, or SyGate, ZoneAlarms, Outpost, and others, you should check the settings to make sure that ports 5400 to 5409 are open. Often you can view the settings by clicking the firewall icon in the Windows system tray.

If you think it's your service provider (and it rarely is in this case), you should contact them and complain about it. Tell them that you need ports 5400-5409 open.

When Running a World...

If you want to create your own world, and you are behind a firewall, it could be a problem. The firewall might block other users from accessing your world (which runs on your computer). Even if you can access your world, others may not.

That's of course the purpose of the firewall. To block outside connections. It is doing its job. If you want to run an AltME world from behind a firewall, you will need to tell your firewall what Internet ports you want to allow for outside access. The ports 5400-5409 are the defaults for AltME. Each world that you run (if you run more than one) will require one port open through your firewall.

You can check to see if your AltME world is reachable from the outside. Click here.

Changing your firewall's settings can be as simple as running its setup options on your local computer (as in the case of ZoneAlarms) or editing a text file or web control panel (for DSL modems, Cable modems, routers, etc.)

For more information, see the AltME User Guide, Advanced Topics.

Still Have a Problem?

If you are not running a firewall (or if you properly set your firewall), but users can still not access your world, then your ISP (service provider) is probably blocking the required ports. This is unfriendly of them, as it limits what software you can run on the Internet.

If your ISP refuses to open ports 5400-5409 for you to use for AltME worlds, you should either switch providers, or ask them for a discount on your service contract, because they aren't providing you with the full power of the Internet.

Safeworlds, Inc. also provides AltME world AltME hosting services. So that may also be an option for you to consider.

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