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AltME 1.0 Released

Two years in the making and testing, version 1.0 is released.

A new AltME has been released that includes dozens of improvements, bug fixes, and new icon graphics.

If you have not used AltME in a while, we urge you to try this new version. We think you will like the changes.

Updating is trivial. The download is very fast, even using a modem:

Download Times


56 K Modem

28 K Modem

6 seconds

2 minutes

4 minutes

There are two ways to update your copy of AltME:

  • Just let AltME update itself. It will connect to our web server and download the new version.

  • Go to our download page and download a new copy. Just run it to install.

When you install we strongly recommend that you:

  • Quit any running copies of AltME (such as if you have a world running from your computer), then use with the new version.

  • Delete any copies of the old version from your hard disk (so you don't accidently run them).

If you have any problems updating AltME, please let us know. We will be available to offer assistance and answer any questions that you may have. Contact us on our feedback page.

What's in store for AltME in the future? We have a long list of great enhancements and special types of new collaborative applications that we are excited about. We plan to be releasing AltME/Pro this summer, and it includes filesharing and several additional applications that can benefit any type of organization or company.

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