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The Alternative Messaging Environment

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Private Chat and Private Groups

Private chat is like a private telephone call. It is confidential. It is a conversation between you and those you've invited to join. Only.

private chat

Of course, most instant messaging, web, and email systems don't work that way. Chat is not private at all. Your message can be seen by numerous people in the process of messages passing through the Internet.

However, now with AltME you can experience truly private chat. Whether between two individuals or a selected group, your messages remain totally private. You control your own world. You decide who is invited, and messages are encrypted when sent over the Internet.

This is truly private chat. In fact, the AltME system itself runs from your own computer, not AOL, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, or even from our servers.

Find out more about AltME and keep your chat private.