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The Alternative Messaging Environment

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AltME Bill of Rights

SafeWorlds hereby establishes these fundamental Internet rights...


The Right to Create Your Own World
Any person, regardless of age, race, creed, gender, or country can freely create their own private worlds for personal or business communication.


The Right to Privacy
All worlds are closed to their members only. No one else may enter a world or even "knock" to enter. Privacy is protected by cloaking all information as it crosses the Internet.


The Right to Control Personal Information
Each citizen controls the information made available to others in each world. AltME only requires a username. All other information is optional.


The Right to Spam-Free Speech
Each citizen is entitled to communicate totally free from advertisements, snooping, spyware, product timeouts, and annoying pop-ups and pop-unders.


The Right to Rule Your World
Each worldmaster decides what can happen in his or her world: who can visit, how long they can stay, what they can do, and how they must behave. If necessary, a worldmaster can banish a person from a world.


The Right to Protect Your World Name
Each world has its own unique name. A worldmaster can protect this name for one year for a small fee.


The Right to Control World Information
Every worldmaster decides where world information will be stored and controls its use.


The Right to Choose World Features
The worldmaster decides what features a world can have, and who can use them.