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Norton Antivirus Problem:
Mistaken Blade Runner Trojan


Norton antivirus software mistakes AltME for the Blade Runner Trojan virus. This is an error in the Norton virus detection software. They mistake AltME for the virus due to the default ports AltME uses for world connections.

Immediate Solution

Norton now detects all connections to Internet ports 5400-5402 as a virus. Those are the same ports used by AltME. If the Norton alert pops up when you run AltME, you can either tell Norton to allow the connection (see note below), or you can change your AltME settings to use a different port number, such as 5405 or higher. (We will provide more info on how to do that easily.)

Ultimate Solution

Due to the problem in the Norton software, we have no choice but to move our AltME ports. We will make this change in a future version of AltME. We will post a note on our website and update our documentation to let you know.

Other Notes

  1. Do not allow connections to ports 5400-5402 if you think there is any possibility that you may have (or may get) the Blade Runner Trojan. If you use Microsoft email products (such as Outlook) or download software from random sites on the web, you run the risk of such viral infections. If you do allow those ports, you do so at your own risk.

  2. You can also help by contacting Symantec (makers of Norton software) and telling them that their software is mis-identifying a valid program.