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News: AltME World Name Recycling

9-June-2003, Burbank, CA - As promised earlier this year, SafeWorlds today started recycling world names. AltME worlds that have not been used in 10 days automatically release their world names for others to put to better use. This feature prevents world creators from hoarding all the good world names and prevents the situation that has plagued Internet domain names for many years (ISPs that hoard good domain names, then sell them to you at extra cost).

Here's how world name recycling works: When you create an AltME world you give it a unique worldwide name that is used to identify it. The purpose of a world name is similar to that of an Internet domain name (like ""). It gives users a way to locate your AltME world on the Internet. In order to keep your world name, you must either start its world at least every 10 days or make the name exclusively yours by registering it (for a $10 fee per year).

If you've had trouble in the past obtaining the exact world name you want, you can now try again. There is a chance that the world name has become available, and you can take it for your own world. Just remember to keep using it, or it too will be recycled.