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News: AltME Web Site Overhaul

2-June-2003, Burbank, CA - "Is it done yet?" Sorry, no. Actually we're just getting started on our AltME website overhaul, but it's already better than the old site, so we thought we'd bring it online now rather than later.

We have many new features planned for the new site:

  • Updated look and feel for all the pages of the site, with important links appearing on all our pages.
  • Recent news section will help keep you informed of the latest AltME happenings and world events.
  • Getting started section will give beginners step-by-step instructions and tips on how to start new worlds and how to use AltME.
  • Coming soon section will give you a peek at what we've got cooking in the kitchen.
  • Products page will show off some new products that we've released, and how to download them.
  • Features section will announce and link to special feature articles that we write about AltME and related products.
  • Bulletin board page will give users a place to talk with other users about AltME.
  • Site search to help you find what you need on our rapidly expanding set of web pages.

Please return soon and check out our new site.